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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Lawrence J. Clark’s classes at North American College, Fall 2011!

Greetings, and Merry Day After Christmas!

This blog is usually devoted to my school and library programs, but I had so much fun teaching my students at North American College this semester that I just had to share!

Click on this link to see a cool video I made:

Lawrence J. Clark’s classes at North American College, Houston, TX-Fall 2011

North American College is a brand new 4-year college located in Houston, Texas.

You can find more information about the school here; I’ve also printed the school’s mission statement and core values below:

Mission Statement

North American College, as an institution of higher learning, is committed to providing a nurturing environment for the systematic pursuit of academic and career-related learning, professional and personal development, responsible citizenship, and global cultural competency. The college aims to achieve these goals through instruction, scholarly inquiry, the free discussion and dissemination of ideas, and creative activity.

Core Values

The following core values should guide all members of the college community as they strive to achieve individual and joint goals.

Learning – Dedication to the discovery, construction, discussion and dissemination of knowledge and its real-world applications.
Honesty and Integrity – Commitment to truth and consistency in one’s actions and communication.
Leadership – Courage and commitment to lead with integrity, innovation and openness to new ways of thinking and inquiry.
Teamwork – Pursuit of excellence through consultation and collaboration.
Ethical and Professional Conduct – Pursuit of high ethical and professional standards in every endeavor.
Human Dignity – Recognition that every human being is unique and valuable, and has something of value to contribute to the college environment and society at large.

Thanks for stopping by my blog–look for info on two new school assembly program topics coming soon:

  • The Secret to Becoming a Super Successful Student (Jr. High/High School/College)
  • The Amazing Adventures of Cabeza de Vaca (4th-6th grade)


See you next time, and remember that reading is your key to success!


Lawrence J. Clark, Ph.D.

Had a great time at the Central Texas Library System showcase!

Howdy, Folks,

It was great seeing many of my speaker/performer and librarian friends at the Central Texas Library System showcase in Georgetown!


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Around 20 people got to do showcases, and I received some great feedback on my educational school and library programs and writing workshops that entertain kids and teens and help promote literacy.

Click here to see a few more pics from the event:

If you’d like to book me for your school, church, public library, festival, etc., please contact:

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